Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach!

In all the excitement and anticipation of the blizzard that is currently dumping up to 3 FEET of snow on D.C., I nearly missed my nephew's birthday.
Seventeen years ago today, my sister Janet and her husband Bill welcomed Zach into their lives. He inspired much joy, not the least of which was for Janet who finally could see her feet, no longer hugely swollen, again. He's a neat kid and lovely human being. We are all so proud of him!
a delighted Auntie Peg wearing her newest nephew
with his best friend, his Mom

like father like son

meeting his new brother for the first time -- love at first sight

teaching the art of shoe tying

Alex couldn't grasp the idea of blowing, so they played the penny whistle together

in his man cave doing his thing with computers

Love you, Zach! Hope you've had a memorable birthday. Sorry we couldn't be with you for your special day. This birthday will be one none of us will forget any time soon. It came with the Blizzard of '10!

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Mark said...

Lovin the man cave