Monday, February 8, 2010

The '09/'10 Blitzsnow

With apologies to those for whom the Blitzkrieg is still a fresh memory, I propose the above name for the current winter storm cycle. The historical Blitzkrieg was an unrelenting bombardment of England by the Nazis during WWII. The cycle of snow events we've had this season is similar in some ways. Storms have been repetitive and crippling. Structures have collapsed under the weight of the snow. Food stores have been nearly stripped of the basics. Governments and school systems have been shutdown for days. Extended power outages are adding to the distress. Emergency vehicles are hindered by abandoned vehicles and unplowed roads. Business owners keep a wary eye on forecasts. Expenses for snow removal long ago blew budgets. Sidewalks are barricaded by plowed snow and ice. As the stalwart, courageous Brits did, our region will weather these barrages from Mother Nature. Thank goodness it's only snow . . . but it's not over yet!

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