Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry I'm such a handful.

Patty phoned me last night to see if I was OK. On Monday she had talked with Mom who expressed great concern about me. [This is usually how it plays out. Mom will hint to me that she's concerned, but only spills her guts to Patty. That's probably a good thing because I usually end up in tears when Mom gets worried about me. Guilt, you know.] Anyway, I've been "under the weather" for almost three months now. Right before Thanksgiving, I developed bronchitis that seemed utterly unwilling to go away. Regular doses of codeine/expectorant cough syrup, hot drinks and rest simply left me bone-tired and constipated (codeine will do that, you know). I hacked so hard, I couldn't sleep at night. A few times, I was afraid spouse would panic and call 911. The icing on my health crisis was snapping my back while toweling-off after a shower. Searing pain burned down my left leg leaving me breathless, bent in half and in tears. Something had taken hold of my sciatic nerve and seemed to be twisting it to cause the worst possible pain. My sympathetic doctor put me on Percocet and high dose Motrin -- three days before Christmas. You guessed it -- we missed Christmas festivities with my family in southern Maryland. The only relatively pain free position I could find was sitting in a straight backed chair, bent forward. To make matters worse, climbing into and out of the shower was just too much, so I went a few days without bathing, something I never imagined I could do. The sciatica has eased though sitting and lying down are still challenging. I do stretches [verrry carefully] hoping that a vertebra will snap back into position, releasing the nerve. It hasn't happened yet. I thought about chiropractic, but still have lower back pain from my last visit to one. If it wasn't for the unfortunate bowel-related side-effect of narcotics, I might have enjoyed the meds. more! [Half kidding there. There's a lot to be said in favor of fluffy, light-headedness when one is in pain.] So . . . to my concerned loved ones . . . I'm sorry for causing alarm. I no longer need the narcotics and am starting to believe I will survive this. My "usual health issues" are correcting themselves and life is beginning to look normal. A bright spot in all this is that I've read some good books that I'll share with you all in the future. And last, but most certainly not least -- Spouse has been a trooper. He's done the laundry by himself, made a stab at grocery shopping by himself and kept the apartment clean enough that we haven't been evicted! I DO love the man!!


Mark said...

I'm glad to hear your on the mend. Hang in there.

dcpeg said...

You have such a kind heart, Mark. Thanks for your good wishes.

BTW, I'm lovin' your photography! You just keep getting better and you may have to leave the old tug for a new profession!