Monday, January 25, 2010

". . . like a red, rubber ball . . ."

This evening's sunset reminded me of

Simon and Garfunkel's song from the good ole days of

rock and roll.


Mark said...

Yeah, love those guys. Saw them perform on HBO recently, Rock Hall of Fame Concert, maybe you saw it?
Garfunkel sounds exactly like he did 30 years....35 years.....damn, 40 years ago.
I'm getting old.

dcpeg said...

We're too cheap to pay for HBO, but I agree with you that they sound the same -- amazing!

Mark said...

I just remembered, while looking at all the ice on the side of our boat, that you sort of asked the question in a previous post of mine, does the ice affect the stability of the boat?
And you knew the answer. Absolutely. It becomes a serious concern on a long trip, lets say days at sea with the seas pounding you on the port side the whole time. The port side will have many inches of ice everywhere, causing a port list to the boat. 've heard stories of the worst happening. So yes, its a concern. you must have been a sailor in your past life.

Two Shorten the Road said...

You know I like that song too. :)