Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reality vs. Hollywood Reality

If folks don't start questioning how real TV reality shows are after last week's White House incident, I worry about our future and security. Publicity hungry people will find ways to put themselves in the public eye. The couple that broke into the White House (I will not add to their notoriety by naming them) have pulled similar stunts elsewhere. For example: the female half pretended to be a former Redskin's cheerleader at a reunion. The real ones quickly figured it out, but that didn't stop Hollywood from buying footage of it. If this couple was not conventionally attractive, dressed to the nines and transported in one of those ridiculous Hummer limousines, they would have been sent packing at the gate. Through impudence and lies they managed to talk their way in. In general, security people try to be courteous and helpful as well as diligent. Thanks to this crass couple, I'm afraid we may no longer enjoy as much civility when going through security measures -- anywhere. As for producers of those TV reality shows -- quit it and give us something worth watching! Entertain or educate us. Quit pandering to viewers who only want to witness embarrassing or salacious moments in others' lives. Thank goodness for PBS!

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