Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Finished!

The pity party is over -- fini -- kaput. It was getting me nowhere fast and I'm tired of being an invalid! What made this party go on too long was the fact that I was hit by a trio of health woes. First was Spouse's flu bug with a slight fever, aches and fatigue, but not enough to stop my normal routine. [I must remember that is not a good thing in my case.] Then it mutated into my annual bout of bronchitis for 18 days of nonstop wheezing and coughing. This bugger virus sneered at the most powerful OTC cough suppressant and expectorant syrup. Even prescribed codeine and guaifenesin hardly made a dent. I was beginning to think I would never sleep again! To add insult to injury, my back snapped a week ago and sent my sciatic nerve into a frenzy. My left leg declared war against the rest of my body probably because of all the wrenching coughing. Sitting upright, bent forward has been the only comfortable position I could find. I actually was able to snooze in that position, but a serious sleep deficit must now be addressed. Spouse tried everything he could think of to be helpful, but I basically snapped his head off most of the time. [Unremitting pain does that to me.] Amazingly, he just kept on trying. He also whipped himself into an emotional frenzy as he tends to do when something is wrong with me. Many extra hours at work, covering for those who were on vacation -- and -- losing sleep over my situation didn't help, either. Therefore, my manifesto: There will be no more snivelling by either one of us. There will be no more following me around afraid I might break in half. Daily showering will recommence immediately. Daily hugs and kisses will be mutually offered and accepted. [Snuggling will return when all the pain is gone -- I promise.] Gratitude for both of us returning to good health will replace frustration and depression . . . so help me God!


Two Shorten the Road said...

Spouse sounds like a good egg. :) I hope you feel better soon.

dcpeg said...

He tries so hard, Megan. I just wish his worrying gene wasn't so dominant!

Thanks for writing! Fingers crossed that neither of us goes through sciatica again!!