Sunday, November 22, 2009

Preying in Foggy Bottom

Thanks to this big dude of a hawk? falcon?:
-- the gang of crows that usually swoops and poops through my neighborhood is gone;
-- the sparrows that like to gather and chat on our balcony railing have disappeared;
-- squirrels that usually scurry up trees and across the lawn are nowhere to be seen.
There is an uncommon peace with this guardian angel in the tree! Of course it's only temporary until he/she leaves for better hunting grounds.
[I dragged Spouse out of his death bed to witness this, too. Just teasing -- he's feeling much better thanks to my chicken soup!]


Mark said...

Poor hubby!

dcpeg said...

Not at all -- he was as thrilled as I was to see that gorgeous bird. We watched it for quite a while, but it never made a kill and flew away. . . bummer . . .

That reminds me -- several years ago a hawk took out, plucked and ate a duck on the south lawn of the White House. Tourists were horrified. HA!!