Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nostalgia Strikes Again

I'm still sorting through old family photos. I'm determined to tame them and corral them into albums. Some of the old point-and-shoot photos are lousy quality, but I clearly remember circumstances around them, so they bring back good memories.
This one conjured fun memories of accompanying my nephew, Zach, his parents and my parents to the Smithsonian to visit the dinosaur exhibit about 10 years ago. He knew the names for most all of them. I like their reflection in the vitrine.
In this one on the left, someone had questioned Zach's identity of the croc, thus the sardonic smirk.
After visiting the dinosaurs and the Smithsonian Castle exhibit of old trains, he took a ride on the carousel. He spent two rides, watching the movement of the machinery overhead. He was far more fascinated by that than the actual ride.
It's so hard to accept that Zach is nearly finished with high school now. Hasn't someone come up with a "slow-growth"pill so that we can keep kids younger longer?


Mark said...

Let me know if you find that pill.

dcpeg said...

Will do, Mark . . .*sigh*