Monday, November 30, 2009

Everlasting Edgar

At the suggestion of my blog-buddy Megan, from Two Shorten the Road, I picked up a copy of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. She said it was about dogs, so I thought it would be a nice detour from what I'd been reading. Little did I know that this guy's very first novel would blow me away!
Wroblewski's style is utterly readable and the story was fascinating. It grabbed my attention and held onto it so firmly that I've felt guilty for neglecting Spouse. Putting it down in favor of conversation, to watch TV or sleep was unthinkable!
There is mystery in this story, but it develops almost surreptitiously. His lovely descriptions of life in rural Wisconsin lulled me into thinking this was just another novel with a happy ending. Nothing wrong with those -- I like happy endings.
The way Wroblewski builds his descriptions of action is tantalizing and compelling. One example is the escalating tension during a storm over Lake Superior. I found myself breathing faster and enjoying the fearsome spectacle from the safety of my chair.
Wroblewski's fellow author, none other than Stephen King, expressed my feelings well when he said: "I flat-out loved The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Wonderful, mysterious, long, and satisfying: readers . . . are going to enter a richer world. I envy them the trip."
I look forward to Wroblewski's next novel which can't come soon enough!


Two Shorten the Road said...

I read it almost a year ago and still can't stop thinking about the ending. The character of the mom was the only one left without a resolution, and I always wonder what would have become of her.

dcpeg said...

Me, too! Maybe his next book will take up where "Edgar" left off. The ending was abrupt and left me wanting more.

I can't thank you enough for recommending this book. I will remember and recommend it for a long time. As a matter of fact, I rushed to finish it so that I could give it to my sister who came out from Chicago this past weekend.