Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Week in Review

I experienced three firsts in my life this past week. One made me feel happy and frugal; another bruised my ego and the last was just embarrassing. In need of reading materials, I decided to check out the books at Goodwill. I've never bought used books before but thought that it was about time. Four, hardcover novels cost me just six bucks and change. Normally, they would have cost 10% more. I saved because the sweet, young, salesclerk considered me a senior citizen!! OUCH!! That was the first time that ever happened. I'd been thinking I looked OK for my age -- not so much now. Thursday I joined my cousin, her husband and their son at the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Mike and four others were there for confirmation hearings; three ambassadorships and two connected with the IMF and World Bank. It was the first committee hearing I've attended. Only two members of the Foreign Relations Committee were there at the beginning. One more arrived just in time to introduce a nominee he supported and then left. Lugar showed up later to say some nice things to Mike and the other career diplomat appointee. The third ambassadorial nominee embarrassed me as a woman. Hers is a political appointment. She choked-up twice during her statement and questioning. Is it any wonder some men still don't take women seriously?!


Two Shorten the Road said...
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Two Shorten the Road said...

Oh man. That's so embarrassing about the female nominee. Geez.

Great deals on used books: It's kind of the amazon of used books. It's a good place to find antique or signed copies too.

dcpeg said...

Thanks for the tip on used books!

One of those I bought and am reading now smells of stale cigarette smoke. I'll have to be more selective next time. That or leave them out in the fresh air for a few days ;-)