Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ms Edda Kitt Speaks

My goodness! There are some very friendly people driving in the D.C. area! Night and day they honk greetings to each other. I wonder if those who honk continuously for blocks at a time are that enthusiastic about other things. Hmm? Now, the more reserved honkers are not quite as brash with their greetings. They seem to honk in Morse Code. I don't remember enough of the code to translate these folks' greetings to one another, but I'm sure they are refined and pleasant. When I personally observe these enthusiastic drivers "doing their thing", they seem particularly pleased when cars merge in front of them. Oh, the jollity of all those horns blowing . . . even from drivers several cars back! Congratulations may be in order, but perhaps they can be offered without being quite so energetic. I must have been sick the day my driver's ed teacher explained car horn etiquette. The only lesson I remember was to use it in case of imminent danger. Whenever I have done this, I frequently receive a return beep and a finger signal. Now I know what the lifted middle finger means in other circumstances, but I'm unclear on how it applies when one is driving. Surely preventing a collision does not call for rudeness. Oh -- and while I'm on the subject -- isn't it a tad rude when a driver sits in his car honking to get the attention of his date? My Dad never countenanced that! A gentleman was expected to exit the car, knock on our front door, then escort me to his car. Nowadays, how can a girl be sure the honking is for her and not a neighbor? I ask you . . . Etiquette is a marvelous thing, but in the case of the car horn I think some of us may have gotten a little carried away. Surely a cheery smile and hand-wave is adequate greeting. After all, no matter where one lives, it's more than a silly nuisance when a cranky baby, sleeping and sick folks are disturbed by our honking. Yes! I know it's hard to imagine, but it does happen. Therefore, let us all try to remember the Golden Rule: treat others as we would like to be treated. Okey Dokey?

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