Friday, October 30, 2009


Spouse has an excellent, new disguise this year. It reminds me a little of some sort of space alien gear. He started wearing it to bed recently and I'm still startled when I wake up and catch sight of him! He's not thrilled with his mask, but it might just save his life someday. For that reason, we'll both get used to it. Sleep apnea doesn't sound scary but people actually die from it! Spouse has had it for years and I finally talked him into going for a sleep-study to confirm my suspicions. Several times, every night, I would wake up to nudge him enough to start breathing again. [I wonder if all women have that 6th sense of being able to sense problems even when we're sound asleep.] Anyway, the delivery and set-up of his CPAP machine last week was quite a production. At the very end of a two-hour window of time (like the cable guy insists on) the company rep. arrived. She seemed to be high on speed, talking very rapidly and loudly. [Don't worry - I checked and her pupils were normal.] Her memorized schpiel was delivered as quickly as possible and without missing a beat. [Thank goodness for all the printed stuff she left with us!] Spouse looked positively in a fog as she rattled on and on. She then fitted the thing to his head, explained the buttons and humidifier feature then was off to lecture some other poor schlub. After she left, Spouse and I just looked at each other in bewilderment and he headed back to work. After all that I couldn't face the pile of booklets and papers that came with the machine and it's very own, stylish, zippered carrying case, so I parked myself on the balcony to decompress. We'll tackle the papers later.


Two Shorten the Road said...

My mom is supposed to get one of those! She's been dragging her feet, though. I'll be interested to hear how it works out for your husband.

dcpeg said...

Hmm -- good luck. Spouse isn't at all enthusiastic about it. He has yet to wear it for longer than a few minutes! Too much money invested in the danged thing for that kinda nonsense. He'll see his doc in a couple of weeks, so I hope he'll put the fear of God into Spouse so that he'll start using it regularly. I guess my expressions of fear at him DYING IN HIS SLEEP isn't enough for him.