Thursday, August 27, 2009

He Tried

If you've been kind enough to have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know one of my favorite spots in D.C. is Hains Point. "The Awakening" used to grace the point until it was sold and moved to Prince Georges County. I took a series of pictures shortly before it was dug up and moved so that I could look back and enjoy seeing it in it's original, dramatic home.
It always provided outstanding photo ops, particularly when the Potomac got a little too big for its banks and flooded the low lying peninsula. During a particularly big flood years ago, only the upraised hand was visible above the water. When I heard that Ted Kennedy had died, I thought of this picture of the hand, appearing to reach for the moon. Despite so many hardships and lame-brained decisions on his part, Teddy made many good decisions. He knew the political game and played it like a pro to help so many. Now I regret turning down a White House invitation to attend the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act -- I might have met this extraordinary man.
R.I.P. E.M.K.


stacks said...

great pic. i know the point of the post was on ted kennedy and his passing but as soon as i saw "the awakening" it instantly brought back memories of my dad taking me and my brothers there when we were young.

its amazing the memories that a pic of a hand can bring back. first time on your site, but i'll def be back...

dcpeg said...

Thanks, stacks. Nice of you to visit. I'm glad you enjoyed some good memories seeing my pic. I really miss seeing "The Awakening" on the point. It just seemed to fit so well!

Mark said...

I knew youd be mentioning kennedy today. Ive been watching the memorial to him tonight at the kennedy library. Very nice. Oren Hatch shocked me with his wit and touching memories. Ted Kennedy touched a lot of peoples lives.Our family has always been Kennedy fans, since JFK.
My oldest, Erin, who lives in DC and is the bigest kennedy fan ever, is at a vigil on dupont circle tonight.
Great photo by the way.

dcpeg said...

Oren Hatch blew me away, too! I watched the whole wake and couldn't help thinking Teddy was somewhere grinning and laughing.

We saw lots of TV trucks when we headed by the cemetary on our way to the grocery this morning. I'm glad the family made the burial private. I'm sure there will be hordes of visitors passing by in the next few months.

P.S. glad you liked my photo! Thanx! I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have caught it.