Friday, July 31, 2009

Somewhere Else

Today is Friday, the last day of July 2009 and I'm thinking of snow -- lots of snow. I'm not a big fan of summer heat though I do confess to loving summer thunder storms and the funky fragrance of a hot summer night. You know what I mean, the faint scent of far-off boxwood, along with honeysuckle, clover and fresh cut grass. I would feel differently about summer if I still lived on the shores of Lake Michigan with its cooling breezes and welcoming though frigid, fresh water. Nevertheless, right now I'd much rather be sitting next to Tucker on this mound of snow. I'd have chapped, red cheeks, nose and lips, a woolen hat pulled tight over my ears, covered with the still-falling snow. The only sounds would be our breathing and a far away snow plow. Clumps of snow would occasionally drop off over-loaded tree branches and silently plop onto the ground. I'd be wearing so many layers it would be hard to move. The genuine galoshes I bought in a fit of hope several years ago would be serving their purpose. [Never have been able to wear them. Daggum D.C. weather is so unaccommodating for us winter-lovers!] Closing my eyes, I can smell Tuckers damp fur and doggy breath as he offers me a face lick. His tongue is rough, warm and wet. His eyes are brimming with innocence and pure joy at being out in the snow. My own eyes brim with nostalgic tears.


nutmeg96 said...

Aw, puppy. <3

Mark said...

By the time I finished reading your post on this hot summer night....I was chilly. Very nice.