Monday, June 1, 2009

Way off course

I just finished washing two romaine hearts and as I closed up the bag they came in, I saw something black on the counter. For a moment, I thought it was a clump of dirt and nearly swept it into the garbage disposal. Then it seemed to move. Curiosity made me fetch my glasses. Sure enough, it was a bug of some sort, lying on its back. When I gently turned it over, I discovered a sort of lady bug - at least that's what I think it is. And it was ALIVE! Knowing that lady bugs are good bugs, I gently urged it onto a corner of paper towel and carried it out to the table on the balcony. Now if this had been anything but a lady bug, it would quickly have been dispatched! No wait, I lie -- I once found an enormous, bright green grass hopper in a bunch of parsley and sent it on it's way through the kitchen window. Back to the LB who has just fallen or leaped off the table and is stumbling through our indoor outdoor carpet -- she must be wondering just where the hell she is. Imagine it: One minute your happily nibbling on aphids in a nice, warm California lettuce field when all of a sudden your dinner table is cut out of the ground, tossed into a truck, then washed and crammed into a plastic bag with two more romaine hearts. The bag gets packed into a case, the case onto a pallet and the pallet onto a truck then onto a train for the long ride across country to my grocery store on the opposite coast! I wonder if bugs suffer culture shock . ..


Mark said...

As unfortunate it was for the bug to have to relocate, it was her lucky day that she ended up in DC, where she was given a second chance. Way to go. i love lady bugs.

dcpeg said...

I love them, too. This past autumn was a little odd because flocks (herds?) of them usually make their way through town heading, I don't know where. Some like to sit on top of my brightly colored beach umbrella -- but this year, I didn't see one! I hope this isn't a sign of something bad happening.

nutmeg96 said...

Two ladybugs hitched a ride on some flowers in my hospital room. I tried to get Steve to take them outside and set them free, but he pointed out that it was December and they probably wouldn't last long. Alas.