Friday, June 5, 2009

A new way of greeting?

I ran into an acqaintance this afternoon. We haven't seen each other in a while, so I looked forward to catching up with him. We exchanged kisses on both cheeks and then he slapped me. For a moment I was stunned then I gently slapped him back. He smiled and said he slaps everyone. My expression, by that point was a grimace trying hard to be a grin. Is this something guys now do? This kind of greeting is new to me and, frankly, I can do without it. I've never had a female friend do it. I'm really stumped. This particular gentleman is usually very gracious and is a product of good breeding. Does the fact that he's a sailor have anything to do with this behavior? Nah . . . I'm from a family of sailors and not one of them has ever greeted me in this manner. Thoughts, anyone?


Foilwoman said...

Sorry, but gentleman is the wrong descriptor for this rube. Breeding or no, sailing or no, anyone who slaps you, well slapping him back is a good idea. Walking away is another one. What's with a greeting that makes someone uncomfortable, isn't friendly, and might just hurt?

dcpeg said...

Thanks for yout enlightening comments, Foilwoman. I was just so surprised that I couldn't think straight.