Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To wear or not to wear: that is the question.

There seems to be a tempest in a teapot brewing right here in river city! It has to do with the wearing or not wearing of pantyhose. There are good arguments for and against use of this particular garment. But then again it almost seems like a moot point since so many women wear pants/slacks these days. Nevertheless, I feel it's my right and indeed duty to weigh-in with my two-cents-worth. During the dark ages -- during my early teens in the early 60s -- girls could hardly wait to wear stockings or, as our grandmothers called them "hosiery." It was a sign of maturity. Pantyhose had not yet been invented. One way to hold up stockings was with individual garters -- big rubber bands that cut off one's leg circulation or, if they failed, rolled down the leg rolling the stocking with it to just below the knee -- not at all attractive. Another way was by means of a garter belt. This was a weird looking contraption that, oddly enough, some men found arousing. It looked a little like crotchless panties with two strips of elastic hanging down the front and two in the back. Metal clips hung at the ends of the strips and were intended to anchor one's stockings. Doing the back clips required more agility than I ever attained. Oh, and let's not forget about the SEAMS!! Yes, dear boys and girls, our stockings had seams running up the back of the leg from of the heavily knitted heel. Keeping them straight and perpendicular was an unobtainable goal for most of us. We were all thankful when unseamed stockings came out. Still, the garter belt was a problem. The back clips often would let go for no apparent reason necessitating a quick trip to the ladies room. There was yet a third option to hold up one's hosiery -- the girdle. Whoever devised this garment surely hated females. I suppose they were better than early corsets with bones stitched into them. Girdles were more or less rubberized shorts and most uncomfortable. Shape wear is a euphemistic name for the modern version of girdles and other garments that squeeze the breath and joy out of their wearers. Getting back to pantyhose -- I don't think the decision to wear or not to wear them should be decided by anyone but the individual. Free choice is a God-given right, so back off criticizing women for their personal choices! I, for one feel more comfortable and presentable wearing them with a dress. [For those of you who may be wondering -- yes, I wear a slip, too.] I gave up the girdle long ago, but am not ready to abandon pantyhose -- yet. If some women want to wax, exfoliate, and wear baby oil on their legs everyday -- let um! If others want to be hairy or stubbly, so be it! If I want to make scars and spider veins less noticeable, it's my daggum right!!


nutmeg96 said...

Good topic! I hate the feel of pantyhose on my midsection. I haven't worn a skirt to work in years because of it! If I'm wearing slacks and sandals/open toe shoes, I'll go barefoot, and if I'm wearing nice closed-toe shoes with slacks, I'll break out the knee highs.

dcpeg said...

Thanks, Meg. Like so many things in life, it's a matter of choice. By the way, knee-highs tend to cut off my circulation, too, so thank goodness for thin socks!