Friday, May 15, 2009

Going Solo part 4

Heading back toward the car from the glass house, I spotted a distinguished looking older man and a toddler, both bare-footed, sitting on a log at the edge of the water. There was a small, sandy beach into which the little girl was carving shapes with a twig. When I asked if I might join them for a minute, I was welcomed. The gentleman, upon learning about my visit to a William and Mary student, told me he was a recently retired physics professor from there. His granddaughter loved spending time with her Boobah and especially at this spot on the river. They seemed perfectly content just being together. Within minutes of sitting down, a big, gnarly pine cone dropped on my head, startling all of us. We laughed about it and soon after I said my good-byes and returned to the road. Driving on low, wooden bridges across wetlands, I had a sense of what early colonists might have experienced there. Later in the summer the mosquitos and dragonflies must have been irritating. The smell of wet timbers and marsh weren't entirely pleasing, either. But then again, 17th century people didn't bathe often, so they probably didn't notice it! Anyway, I stopped several more times to enjoy the site of mergansers, egrets, falcons, swallows and osprey. And, for the first time, I saw an actual wild blue bird! At one pull-off point, there was a chunky tree offering friendly shade. Sitting in my car, I watched a young couple enjoying a picnic several yards away. The only sound was the river lapping at the shore, breezes blowing through the leaves and birdsong. It was the kind of experience that makes me feel closer to Mother Earth and God. I relished it until my stomach started growling. I'd had an early breakfast of hotel-room-coffee-maker-coffee (yuck!) and two Pepperidge Farm cookies. It was now almost 2:30 and Carolyn would be meeting me at 5:30 to go out for dinner. Driving back into Williamsburg, I got twisted around just enough to run into a KFC. I could almost hear my stomach begging for chicken nuggets, so like a fool, I fulfilled it's wish.
-- to be continued --

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