Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Solo -- part 3

Later on Friday, knowing Carolyn had papers due and final exams to go, I struck out on my own to give her study time. She suggested I take the Colonial Parkway to Jamestown and even provided me with a marked map.
Even though the weather was pretty swampy, I decided to hit the road with the sun roof and windows open. [Why is it that we don't think about sunburn when we're in a moving car. . .?] All that aside, it was a gorgeous, soul-lifting experience, cruising down the nearly deserted parkway. I hate to admit that it would not have been nearly as fun if Spouse had been there. He worries about pot holes, watching the road every nanosecond and getting lost. [Ok, so he has reason to worry about the latter. . .] Going by myself allowed time to photograph interesting bark, flowers, and to just stop to enjoy a moment without being questioned.
The wide James River is frequently in view, interrupted only by groves of pole pines, honeysuckle bushes, bright yellow buttercup flowers, clover and oaks, maples and evergreens. The fragrance was heavenly! Just cut grass added to the fresh, green perfume.
When I arrived at Jamestown, I skipped the welcome center and instead chose to drive the long way around the island. The first stop I made was to visit the "glass house." A reconstruction of the original had heavy wooden beams holding up the high ceilings that sheltered fired-up kilns. A cordial, costumed man was working on a candle stick in pale green glass and chatted with me while he put on the finishing touches. He admitted it was fun working their during cold weather, but not so much in the heat of summer.
-- to be continued --

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