Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Solo -- part 1

Since marrying a somewhat overly-protective guy 26 years ago, I've had few opportunities to travel on my own. Last Thursday, I took the plunge and drove down to Williamsburg to visit my niece/goddaughter at William and Mary. I wanted some one-on-one-time with her and knew I wouldn't get it during her graduation next weekend. I'll admit some trepidation, especially with Spouse constantly reminding me of how dangerous I-95 is. He didn't want me to go by myself. You see, he has this idea that we should die together. Whenever he brings that up, I remind him that the days and times of his and my demise are out of our hands. Then I assure him that we have lots of living yet to do. The drive down was smooth and fast. And, I actually didn't get lost! Having no sense of direction, that's a milestone in itself!! Having said that, on those occasions when I do get lost, I take it as a challenge and work my way out of the predicament. Moving on . . . Those of you who have driven into and around Williamsburg know that the street layout makes absolutely no sense. I chalk this up to its ancient history and the never-dying desire of current day residents to maintain the antique charm of the town. Thankfully they also understand that out-of-towners frequently end up in turn-only lanes they don't want to be in. A turn signal and waved thanks to the driver behind me always worked and I was never honked-at. Having done Williamsburg in the 5th grade and again about 30 years ago, I decided to forgo the pleasure and stayed in a nice hotel across the street from the campus. Carolyn's dorm was a 5-minute walk away. During my first day there, she and I enjoyed lunch at an outdoor table in the center of the campus. It was dejavu for me, watching the young, good-looking students hanging out with each other or rushing to and from classes. When we finished eating, I suggested that we try to find the cool pottery place I remembered from so many years ago.
--to be continued --

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