Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is it with. . . [Rated PG]

. . . advertisements offering to fix erectile dysfunction? They're directed to men, right? So why do they picture a seductive, buxom woman draped in a sheet, arranged just-so to titillate? Last I checked, men are sentient beings, capable of feeling and thought. As a matter of fact, I have yet to meet a man who isn't proud when he gets a hard-on -- anywhere. Why not show bulging pants or a Speedo (hmm) in these ads? That would be more germane to what's being sold, right? When will men stop being so coy? One seldom sees a man's "equipment" much less his unclothed buttocks in anything but an X-rated movie, but we always see what a woman's got. Truth in advertizing -- that's what I'm looking for!! ;-}


nutmeg96 said...

Seriously. Did you notice there's often a tire swing in those ads? Symbolism, much? :)

Mark said...

You crack me up. How different advertising would be if you were making the decisions! It would be funny though..

dcpeg said...

Thanks, Meg and Mark. I'm constantly amazed at how lame some advertising is.