Monday, April 13, 2009

Stumbling Into a New Decade

Not sure why this one bugs me so much. The others didn't; even when I turned 30. At 40 I finally felt like an adult and my 50s were just a continuation of my 40s. The BIG 6-O is way different. How did this happen?! OK, so my body sometimes feels like it's been workin' for 60 years, but my mind is still trying to catch-up with my body. How can I reconcile these? Experience has given me somewhat more wisdom, but I still feel like I'm 35. I just can't be sixty! Sixty-year-olds are so, well. . ..OLD!! Being an optimist at heart, I had to somehow put a positive spin on this event, so . . . It is now too late to benefit from avoiding the sun. I already have brown spots on my face and arms. Some years ago I decided to avoid exposure when, following another delightful Caribbean vacation, I noticed my cleavage was nicely tanned and wrinkled! Of all things!! At least that went away. The brown spots -- no such luck. Maybe with more exposure, all the brown spots will join together for a perfect, permanent tan! \Oh, you optimist, you!\ It is now too late to grow my hair long again. Old women with hair longer than shoulder length look goofy! As a girl and young woman I had rather nice, straight, long, blonde hair when that's what every girl wanted her hair to be. Having said that, when long, luscious curls came into style, I could never achieve them for more than a few minutes after suffering hot rollers. I shudder remembering that from middle school through college I slept in brush rollers!! Some deviant devised those things -- very painful. My short hair doesn't blow in my eyes and mouth when I'm driving with the sun roof and windows open. It is now too late to take up snow boarding, high jumping, or gymnastics. [Thank God!] In my seniority, I've discovered the joy of no longer caring what other people think about me or how I look. In a bathing suit, I may look like a beached Beluga whale -- so what!! I'm still breathing, walking, talking -- reasonably intelligently -- and I can see -- at a distance. All in all, I guess I shouldn't complain. The alternative ain't pretty! Besides, I've got a guy who still adores me!


kob said...

Why is it too late to go snowboarding?

kob aka

dcpeg said...

Probably break my neck for lack of flexibility caused by arthritis. Aging ain't fair!!

bozoette said...

Happy birthday! I'm not far behind you and can totally relate.

[F]oxymoron said...

Happy B-day... rock on DC PEG!

Dratski! said...

Hey DCPeg,
I copied your copyright lingo ... hope it wasn't copyrighted.. ha ha. Thanks for your feedback.
I'm approaching the big 50 in 3 years and somehow that is a big deal to me. Up till now, aging has been no big deal, except, apparently, in my late 20's when I thought I was "washed up" and had "missed the boat". What a hoot.

dcpeg said...

Women Rock!! That's all I can say to you, my sisters! I've been pretty bummed this week, but hearing from you all has cheered me up. Many thanks!!

Now if I can just start believing the old cliche -- "you're not getting older; you're better better."

Dratski -- I copied it from somewhere, so why not you, too!