Saturday, April 4, 2009

Giddy Clouds

Last evening, it was almost as if the clouds knew that a gorgeous weekend was on its way. The wind whipped them into fluffy bits and long strands, as if it was trying to rush them on their way. I'm so happy today turned out so gorgeous and cool for the Cherry Blossom parade and the throngs of tourists in town to enjoy them. I hope they spend lots of money while they're here! ;-)


Mark said...

Just wanted you to know $350 was donated to the DC area during the festival, from Pennsylvania, as my family and 1 boy friend gathered for dinner on DuPont Circle (forget the name)It was the best 350 bucks I spent in a long time. Love you city

dcpeg said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and think the expense was worth it. I love me city, too! My grandparents lived in Lancaster, PA for many years. I grew up north of Chicago and every summer we drove to Lancaster to visit. Looong drive, but well worth it. We celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversay (1994)Lake Raystown Resort -- gorgeous spot!!