Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at Mom's

Spouse and I drove down to Solomons for Easter dinner with Mom, Janet, Bill, Alex and Zach. We thoroughly enjoyed baked a ham, candied yams, green beans almondine and raisin sauce.
While we waited for food to reach appropriate doneness, I took the boys down to the river to fly my kite. Alex was whirled with excitement while Zach flew the red bird high and far -- until an errant gust sent it careening into a kite-eating tree. Between Zach and me, we got it out without harming the kite or tree. We also watched ospreys fishing and carrying nesting materials to a channel marker in the Patuxent.
On the walk back to Mom's I snapped a few shots of Spring flowers. Hope you enjoy seeing a few more. Also hope you had a Happy Easter!
This is Mom's Redbud tree in her back yard.


Carolyn said...

Sounds wonderful :) Wish I could have been with you all instead of working on a paper!

dcpeg said...

You know we wish the same! Hope the paper came out well. XOX from your AP.