Monday, April 20, 2009

Calling Fellow D.C. Bloggers . . .

. . . I could really use some advice! My former college roommate and friend, Mary, is bringing two special guests to Washington on May 10th for a one night, one day visit. They are the daughter and her husband from a French farm family that rescued and hid Mary's aviator father during WWII. Ever since her dad returned home alive after the war, her family has tried to repay the debt owed to this French family. Mary lives in Michigan and will be driving them to New Orleans and back north to D.C. and Niagara Falls, with numerous stops in between. Personally, I can't imagine doing all that driving in two weeks, but she's set on it. I look forward to hosting them, but wonder what will be the best use of their short time here. I'm famous for my nighttime tour of the city, but wonder where to take them to eat and what to do during their one day here. The dinner boats will be booked up with Mothers' Day events. There is so much to see in D.C., but with such limited time I want them to see as much as possible on their first trip here. We'll "do" the usual memorials at night, but I'd welcome suggestions for cool stuff to do during the day. I've thought about just driving them through the various D.C. neighborhoods that most tourists miss, but then I thought the American History Museum might give them a better idea of American history and life. Any suggestions are most welcome! Thanks!!

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