Monday, March 16, 2009

Made a Connection

Went with Spouse this morning to have his MRI done. We left home at 7:15 and returned at 11:30. The procedure itself took all of 15 minutes. Paperwork took up about 20 minutes and, of course, there was the waiting. Unfortunately, during the first attempt, Spouse discovered that he has a serious case of claustrophobia. We were advised to see his referring doc, two blocks away to get some Valium. We made a mad dash to do that, had the prescription filled and dashed back. By then, the previously empty waiting room was filled. As Spouse changed back into his cute little gown, I waited in the standing room only waiting area. There was a handsome looking couple sitting together -- She well dressed and He in the cute little gown that never quite covers enough. She offered me a seat. I thanked her and said I would be fine standing. He and She returned to their whispered conversation and loving touches. Just before Spouse came out of the dressing room, He was escorted off for his procedure. Another chair was freed-up, so She offered us the chairs that were next to each other. We gratefully accepted and started our own whispered conversation. When the Valium finally kicked in I went with Spouse to comfort him during his MRI. It required special permission, but was worth it. Between the Valium and my holding his foot, he got through it. We staggered back to the waiting area and sat down together. When I was fairly certain Spouse would be able to dress himself without falling flat on his face, I sent him into the dressing room. She and I shared knowing smiles. Then He came back from his procedure, bent over in pain. The anguish in Her face spoke volumes. He sat down in a chair for several minutes grappling with the pain while she hovered over him. When he made it into the dressing room I noticed she was silently weeping. Without thinking, I walked over to her and offered her a shoulder. She stood up and we embraced for quite a long time. She had told me earlier that He had stage 4 cancer but had been gaining weight and looking much better since his diagnosis last year. She had a big smile on her face when she said that they had celebrated their wedding anniversary last Saturday. It didn't matter how many years because they were so obviously in love with each other. When He came out, dressed and clearly in pain we simultaneously asked for God's blessings for each other. Our eyes met and we knew the importance and appreciation we both felt for having been there for each other.


nutmeg96 said...

Ugh, that poor lady. :( I can't imagine.

I was claustrophibic in the MRI machine, too. I kept thinking "don't freak out! don't freak out!" and it just made me want to freak out.

dcpeg said...

I know what you mean. I'm on the large size, so when I had my MRI several years ago I was smooshed into the damn thing! The only thing that saved me was that I'd asked my Mom and sisters to be thinking about me on that day at that time. I closed my eyes and focused on that. NEVER AGAIN!!