Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sucker Punched

Saturday started out as any other, except I had no appetite all day. Most unusual! Anyway, after I wished spouse good luck when he left that night for a sleep study elsewhere, I went to bed much earlier than usual.
Sunday morning broke and I could hardly raise my head from the pillow. Spouse came home from his sleep study and promptly offered to make breakfast for both of us. Thanks, but no thanks. All that day I was laid-out in bed, achy and weak, covers up to my chin, heat set at 85. Oddly enough, when I took my temp., it was normal. Still no appetite.
Monday all hell broke loose. Some heinous virus was churning away in my gut, reproducing itself at lightning speed. Still no appetite, but I knew I had to at least drink something to keep hydrated. Heated up some broth. It made a rapid escape about 5 minutes later. OK, we'll try water -- same thing. Even my trusty KAO-P was soon expelled -- all three doses.
I could visualize the virus sneering at my attempts to quell it. For the rest of the day, at 20 minute intervals this viral demon dragged every ounce of fluid out of my system. Old, tried and true remedies like a green banana and soda crackers were totally ineffective. My poor backside didn't know what hit it!
I had scheduled an appointment to see my doctor on Tuesday about something totally unrelated. Probably shouldn't have gone being weak and wobbly, but I dragged myself into his office.
His 3rd year medical student came in to see me first. She might have been disappointed to learn that she was dealing with a virus rather than the planned course of action, but never showed it. When my doc came in, he was uncharacteristically stand-offish -- no handshake. After he suggested treatments for my current situation, he told me I was highly contagious and to be careful I didn't share my malady with spouse.
Though fierce, my virus was short-lived. Thanks to electrolyte drinks, boiled rice and soda crackers, today I think I'll live!
The moral of this story is to WASH YOUR HANDS! I've been somewhat fanatical about it for many years. Even with my fastidious habits, I was sucker punched by an opportunistic virus.

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