Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Peter!

When I phoned my brother today to wish him a happy birthday, he was sullenly watching a blizzard raging outside his house in Barrington, Illinois. He was not a happy camper. He and my sister Patty both live in Northern Illinois, not far from our home town and both HATE cold weather. I'm guessing they're both feeling a bit claustrophobic today. Plows can't keep up with the blowing snow, so everyone is advised to stay home. Pete: I wish you could have been here with me on our balcony this evening to enjoy this sunset. It's cold, but no snow in sight -- yet. By tomorrow morning, the Alberta Clipper that's coming through your area is supposed to hit us. Might have snow, but more likely rain. Hang in! This, too shall pass. . .

Wish you and Patty were here!

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