Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gratuitous Cuteness XII

Cousins Zach and Carolyn enjoyed a bit of down time at their grandparent's house some years ago. Zach is now a handsome, very nearly 16-year old, and Carolyn is a senior at William and Mary. They grow up way too fast!


Foilwoman said...

The chubby cheeks of cuteness. My nine-year old has skinnied up, but still has the round-apple cheeks. I'm dreading their disappearance. It was only yesterday she was a ten-pound peanut. Time really does fly.

dcpeg said...

Ten-pound peanut!! I HOPE that's not what she weighed when she was born!!

Yeah, they do seem to just burst into adulthood way before we expect it or are even ready for it.