Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thoughts as 2008 fades away . . .

As this year's last Alberta Clipper thrashes through town today, it seems to be blowing stale, bad vibes out with it. Where I grew up in Northern Illinois, it would have brought stinging snow/ice and bitterly cold temps, but it's not that cold here today. The clouds are blowing through so quickly, the sun has no trouble warming things up. Every year is filled with beginnings and endings -- 2008 was no exception. We mourned the loss of family members and friends. And we celebrated the births of new lives. On the other hand, the wars continue; leaving all of us to question why so many lives -- on all sides -- are being sacrificed and for what. The world economy took a scarey nose-dive leaving everyone wondering how and when it will recover. On January 20th a job that I cannot imagine anyone with half a brain would choose will be turned over to a man who is making history. A man who must feel compelled to serve; who is willing to put himself out there because he believes in his mission and his ability to fulfill it. He and the team with whom he is surrounding himself will be under a critical microscope as never before. However, their success does not rest solely in their own hands. Every American has a stake and role in re-constituting our caring, principled society. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been battered and our business practices are disgraceful. Naivete and apathy are no longer excuses. We, The People are accountable for the state of the Union. We, The People must be able to trust the leaders we choose. We, The People need to unite behind new leadership and get our shit together, dammit!

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