Friday, November 21, 2008

Way to go, Mr. Mayor!

For the one or two of you who sometimes read my ramblings, you may recall that last February I was involved with a fender bender in Washington Circle. I had no witnesses to attest to the fact that I was sitting still when a Metrobus clipped me, so I was found at fault. (The bus driver had a most energized witness.) The officer who issued my citation did not mark the amount of the penalty on the ticket, so I dutifully mailed in a minimum payment of $15.00. Shortly thereafter, I received a warning threatening all kinds of bad stuff if I didn't pay the full amount --$55 --within a few days. Not wishing horrible things to befall me or my car, I sent in a check in that amount, hoping everything would now be hunky-dory. Two months ago I received a letter from the D.C. Treasurer's office saying that they had discovered that the DMV owed me $15.00. WOW!! The check arrived today! If Adrian Fenty continues to reinvigorate and reinvent our government into an efficient, viable entity, I hereby promise to campaign for him when he runs for re-election. He has restored my faith in the D.C. Government!

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