Thursday, October 30, 2008


On Tuesday I drove down to Solomons to spend some time with Mom. She took us out for a lovely lunch, then we drove around and headed toward a nearby marina. She and Dad were serious sailors, so she didn't mind. It was incredibly windy and chilly, especially near the water.
Two, very tall masts came into view before we reached the marina. We drove down to the water's edge to check it out. Mom wasn't dressed for the blustery weather so she stayed in the car. I wasn't going to let a bit of a breeze stop me from taking some pictures!
A Baltimore Clipper out of New Haven, Connecticut was tied-up along the warf. Her name was Amistad. A chill ran up my spine remembering the story of the slave ship of the same name.
I chatted briefly with a female crew member who was reading a book. Then the skipper came up on deck. This Amistad was on her way to an event on the Eastern Shore, but ran into such strong head winds, they decided to wait out the wild weather. You don't often see white caps in a harbor! Yeah, it was one of those days when the Bay and Patuxent were practically whipped into froth. This Amistad is an 8 year old replica of the original. I probably would have chatted longer with her amiable skipper had I not feared blowing off the narrow walkway into the drink! Before I made my way back to my warm car, I snapped a few pictures of this truly gorgeous specimin. The raked/slanted masts are characteristic of boats on the Chesapeake. I particularly like the wooden rings that carry the sails up the masts. Classic Skipjacks have the same kind of rigging. If you're ever down that way (it's a straight shot down Route 4), you must stop in at the Calvert Marine Museum and just wander around the tiny little town. Solomons Island is a spit of land between the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay, so the views are spectacular -- AND -- it's usually windy for all you fellow kite-flying-types.


nutmeg96 said...

Wow, what a cool ship! I told my husband about it. He's a sailing freak! :) We'll have to check out the museum.

dcpeg said...

Excellent! There are lots of boats to see down their and be sure to stop in at the C.D. Cafe - at least that's how I think it's spelled. Might be CeeDee or something, but the food is excellent and it's right on the main drag.