Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rudeness to the Nth Degree

How does a man who claims to be the right person for the job of POTUS remain any one's choice when he continues to demonstrate his inability to be civil or even polite?! John McCain is NOT "my friend." I cringed every time he used that term and the people to whom he addressed it seemed equally uncomfortable. His snideness, impatience and inconsistencies are not qualities I want to see in a president. His open disdain for Senator Obama -- at one point calling him "that one" -- was beyond ugly. I have to wonder what would have happened had Tom Brokaw allowed any back and forth between the two candidates. He was a disaster as a moderator, cutting off discussion when it might have provided just the information voters are seeking. Or -- did he see signs that a discussion might trigger out and out war between the participants? I don't know what to make of his behavior. Senator Obama did an admirable job trying to fend-off Brokaw's interruptions, but it wasn't enough. Neither candidate made use of the opportunity to truly discuss their policy ideas. Perhaps it was the way the debate was organized, but the rhetoric sounded too familiar and not at all ground-breaking. Very frustrating for everyone. When I tuned-out at 10:30, I was disappointed to say the least, and more convinced than ever that John McCain would make a dreadful POTUS!

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