Saturday, October 11, 2008

Polished Rednecks

Sound like an oxymoron? I'll explain. A polished redneck is one who usually dresses and acts like a professional -- white collared vs. blue-collared. They fit in with non-redneck society until they are amongst their own. Then its a matter of anything goes. Sarah Palin seems to have unleashed the polished rednecks in American society and they are aspiring to new lows. No longer are they afraid to express outright disdain for those not like themselves. Whether it's the rifle-toting-Cheney-types or David-Duke-racist-types, they're pouring out of the woodwork to voice themselves during Palin's campaign stop. Their rancid rhetoric is broadcast far and wide because of the media's infatuation with Palin. She is a conundrum. On the one hand, McCain is desperate for the women's vote and Palin seems to appeal to the distaff side of the polished rednecks. On the other hand, her maverick talk is turning off many who understand that trying to do business that way in Washington simply won't work. The federal government is a sometimes puzzling, interdependent, and convoluted machine. Three, distinct branches make it impossible for a maverick to take the reigns in his hands alone. Of course Dick Cheney made an impressive attempt at this, but that's another story. A maverick mentality may appeal to the masses, but it won't cut cheese on Capitol Hill. I'm not saying that the status quo couldn't use some tweeking. But our government has worked well for a very long time. Politicians all too often forget that it's the bureaucrats who keep our system running. It's the department heads, managers, and secretaries who turn up day after day, year after year, administration after administration who keep the machine of government oiled and running. It's easy for someone like Governor Palin to bad-mouth Washington. I shudder to think of the fallout if she and Senator McCain make it to the White House. Not only will our financial system remain in chaos, but our already tarnished reputation in the world will plummet even further. Even worse, our integrity as a fair and caring nation will suffer. We cannot afford to have polished rednecks as ambassadors, cabinet secretaries and more. Congress would have a hell-of-a-time trying to vet them and any goodwill other nations feel for the U.S. could become unsustainable.


Virginia Harris said...
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nutmeg96 said...

Hmmm -- wouldn't Bill Clinton be considered a polished redneck (in the cultural sense)? Or was he not polished enough? ;)

dcpeg said...

Yeah, Bill was a polished redneck. AND he was educated enough to know the difference between a cultural redneck vs. political redneck. The latter is the worst kind.