Thursday, October 23, 2008

Godspeed, Betty

Another family member left this life today. She was surrounded by her family in her own home, thanks to hospice care. For the past two years, Betty made an extraordinary effort to live with AND fight the cancer that overwhelmed her today. Experimental treatments were worse than the cancer, yet she was willing to try them. I think she knew fate had already decided the outcome, but she bravely did what she could to give everyone else hope. That's quite a sacrifice. Betty's husband, my cousin David, truly adored his wife and had utmost respect for and faith in her. He once told me that she had saved his life. He had a very rough childhood. I will always be grateful that he found not only the love of his life, but a family that warmly embraced him and helped him to become the loving, caring man he is. Their daughter, Nikki, brought more richness into their lives and has a tight-knit family of her own. I'm so glad Betty got to experience the joys of grandparenting. I know she was an exceptional grandmother and leaves a marvelous legacy of love and happy memories. Betty's numerous friendships thrived for years and have been bolstering her and her family throughout her long battle. We are all left with a huge hole in our lives, but certain that we knew a genuine earth-angel.

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