Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is it in some humans that allows molestation and rape of babies and children?

I very seldom turn on the TV during the day but yesterday was different for some reason. When I heard Oprah introduce the topic of her show I knew I had to watch. Being one of many grown women I know who were molested as children, I hoped to hear and learn something positive. A law enforcement officer who specializes in tracking down on-line pedophiles revealed that daily, thousands of men [and maybe some women] provide live, on-demand footage of themselves raping babies and children, replete with the baby's screams. If that wasn't repulsive enough, her studio audience was shown a pedophile-produced video on how to train little girls to perform oral sex. Choking back outrage-induced bile I had to wonder whether or not this behavior, deemed despicable and illegal by modern society, was ever acceptable. If it is as wide-spread a problem as we see with more and more victims coming forward, was there ever a time when humankind accepted this behavior as normal? Is there some crazy gene that prevents predators from discerning right from wrong? Scientific research indicates that once a pedophile/always a pedophile. But why is it so prevalent? I don't for a minute believe pedophilia is a modern phenomenon. It IS, however, no longer a topic spoken of in hushed tones and never around children. It's always been there and it makes me wonder HOW it came to be. The advent of home video cameras and the internet can't explain it all. Traditions can exert considerable control over otherwise smart people. For examples: so-called honor killings; female genital mutilation; forced marriages of young girls to older men. The victims are females, yet other females often support and take part in these traditions. Is it a case of "I had to go through it, so you will too!"? Are we becoming aware of ancient, sexual rites because they've moved outside of darkened rooms and onto our computer monitors? Oprah pleaded with her viewers to write to their members of Congress to support a bill to increase funding for law enforcement against pedophiles. I applaud that plan. BUT, what are we going to do with all the captured creeps? There are not nearly enough prison cells to hold all of them. Also, since some deem child molesters less dangerous than murderers, will they be paroled back into our communities? Remember: they are able to carry out their nefarious activities because they are such good manipulators. Will it take genetic re-engineering to curb this crime?

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