Monday, September 8, 2008

There IS a Difference!

More than just a peeve, the way people misuse the words eager and anxious is annoying. To be eager is to look forward to something good or to be happily willing. Anxious is based on the word anxiety. Happy anticipation and worry are in no way the same. September 11th is a day that conjures anxiety and painful memories for many of us. Since that day in 2001, I have managed to stay home to focus on spouse's and my good fortune and to remember those who perished and were so horribly injured - physically and mentally. This September 11th I will be on jury duty. I am not eager to be in a public arena on that day because I don't know how I'll react. The memories of the horror in New York then hearing and feeling the impact of the plane when it hit the Pentagon are still disconcertingly fresh. The anticipation of another hijacked jet heading toward D.C. prolonged and heightened the terror. If those brave souls on Flight 93 had not made the sacrifice they did . . . Resilience is not a given. It has to be cultivated and maintained. Americans have uncanny resilience and hope for the future. I pray that our naivete and hope don't overshadow wisdom gained from experience. Our national leadership needs refresher courses in history and psychology.


[F]oxymoron said...

Well said! I especially agree with that last sentence.

dcpeg said...

Thanks, [f]loxy. I'm glad my "vent" wasn't off-putting. During this political season, there are strong emotions about everything!