Friday, September 26, 2008

A Remembrance

The first time I met Loretta Hefter was at my family's dining table. My Mom's brother, whom we know as Uncle Bud, brought her to meet some of his family members. She was a petite, delicate-looking, well dressed lady with a nervous smile planted firmly on her face. She seemed timid around our rowdy bunch, so she remained close to my uncle's side. It was apparent even then that they were forming a tight bond that would sustain and nourish them through the rest of their lives together. Theirs was the first wedding I had ever attended. Aunt Loretta looked like a demur, beautifully gowned, porcelain doll. It may have been the formal pageantry in the church and the pomp associated with weddings, that put me in awe of her. Their beaming faces as they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife were unforgettable! Over the years, Aunt Loretta developed a penchant for aqua everything. That color seemed to suit her and certainly was her favorite. It appeared in her art work, everyday china, walls and anywhere else she saw fit. It was a good thing fire engine red wasn't her favorite color! Aunt Loretta and Uncle Bud were active in their church and community - always together. Her absence will be felt by many. To her devoted, loving spouse and children I would remind them of how proud she was of them and that her spirit remains with them because the bonds of love cannot be broken.

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Larry said...

Would this be the same Loretta Hefter that lived near Chicago and with whom I attended Milliken Univ. in Decatur with?
If so, would like to hear more about her life.
Larry M.