Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How reckless can Congress get?!

There are too many on Capitol Hill who want D.C. residents to own unregistered guns -- of ANY sort. > handguns -- so useful for robberies and other, sneak attacks; > semi-automatic handguns and rifles -- the drug-dealer's weapon of choice for street to street combat and for taking out innocent children in the crossfire; > high powered rifles -- the best way to take out that neighbor you hate because he doesn't mow his lawn often enough. Congress also wants to allow guns to be carried openly. Yeah, right -- can you picture people walking down Connecticut Avenue then hopping onto the Metro with an AK47 slung over a shoulder? Don't laugh -- if Congress has it's way, it's possible. As the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. hosts numerous parades, conventions,demonstrations and special events on the Mall and elsewhere in town (e.g. Folklife Festival, Independence Day fireworks, Black Family Reunion, etc). How is our Metropolitan Police Department to protect non-gun carrying types? Some of us are afraid of fire arms and have no desire to even touch one. Sling-shots are no match for an Uzi. And let's not forget all the V.I.P. visitors and their motorcades screaming through town. I've always thought it was idiotic to haul foreign leaders with flashing lights and sirens blaring. It's announcing their presence to every lunatic out there. Come on, people -- we are not talking about the backcountry of Montana or Wyoming or the backwoods of Michigan or West Virginia! D.C. is a tiny, densely populated, heavily visited city. We don't have to defend our homes from bears or wolves. Even if one did happen to wander into town, collateral damage would make it too dangerous to take a shot at it. Besides, it would probably be hit by one of those speeding, crazed-driver commuter vans before anyone could take aim. Come on Congress -- stop tinkering with our self-imposed laws and self-determination. You've got enough on your legislative plates without trying to micro-manage a city. We have an elected city administration to handle local affairs and we don't need nor do we want your meddling! In other words: BUTT-OUT CONGRESS!!

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[F]oxymoron said...

Considering this is a densely populated area... and that we don't hunt for food... there should be VERY strict laws against carrying a gun in this town. Some European states actually require many, many months of training before one can even hunt way, way out in the woods...

... and I'm not even gonna yap about sub-automatic weapons. Fools.