Monday, September 22, 2008

Cue the "Twilight Zone" theme song.

On my way to get an estimate on a repair for our car, I caught a red light on route 50 at Pershing Drive. Glancing across the road at Fort Myer I was surprised to see six soldiers, in khakis, walking in what looked like curlicues -- carrying a casket. I figured they were new members of the Old Guard practicing for one of the way too may funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. I bit my lip and moved on once the light changed. Driving back home, same route, reverse direction, there was a long line of flag bearers with perhaps 25 different flags, lined up along a road inside the Fort fence. Then I spotted uniformed soldiers and realized they might be preparing for the funeral of some V.I.P. I said a short prayer and continued home. I had a quick bite to eat then checked my email. One from Mom had just arrived and the subject line read Sad News. My Aunt Loretta died of a massive stroke this morning. Saturday night, an inlaw's mother died, months after his father died, weeks after another inlaw's mother died and mere months after my Dad died! I could almost say they're dropping like flies, but it's just too sad to joke about. Some say that bad news comes in threes. I think we've had enough bad news for a very long time! Godspeed to each of them . . .

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