Friday, August 29, 2008

Comfort Food for a Rainy Day

As much as we need the rain, I don't enjoy rainy days. Now rainy nights are another thing, but during the day I want to see sunshine or at least have some lightning and thunder with the rain.
To comfort myself, I sometimes heat up a bowl of tomato soup and bake some cheese biscuits to go with it. It's a simple, satisfying meal and seems to perk up my spirits.
This is what the biscuits look like -- after they've been baked, split in half horizontally and put under the broiler for a few minutes. The cheese melts and browns a bit and the biscuit crisps-up. It would just be too cruel to show you them spread with melting butter.
My biscuit cutter is an heirloom from an old friend. It's probably 80 years old, but still cuts a good biscuit. Years ago, no woman's kitchen would be without a biscuit cutter!


Key said...

This sounds delicious!! I could certainly use some this weekend :) Rainy and gross in Williamsburg with WAY too much studying to do...

dcpeg said...

I HEAR ya, Key! Get yourself some Bisquick and cheddar cheese and go for it! I make mine in the toaster oven, so it's no big deal.