Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cereal Box Lifestyle

I want that! You know what I'm talking about -- all those youngish, athletic, smiling types who seem not to have a care in the world as long as they eat "Puffed Ruffage." They can ride a bicycle to the top of a mountain, kayak the wildest rapids and make instant friends. What a life!!
Now I've been eating old fashioned oatmeal for a good long time, and NOT the quick cooking type. Oh, no. I want the roughage that comes with the occasional oat that didn't get rolled flat. They sometimes gag me, but I just remind myself of how they're working their magic farther down my digestive tract.
Spouse falls for all the gimicky cereals with nuggets of this and bits of freeze-dried fruit. OK, some of them taste pretty good and claim to provide 100% of the RDA of these minerals and those vitamins. They should, costing as much as they do.
No, give me the cereal touted by that benign, plump, sorta colonial-era-looking, older gentleman. He has a nice smile and I trust him.
Hmm -- could this have anything to do with why I look more like the benign, plump guy and spouse looks more like the youngish, athletic types? Nah. . . ...?

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