Friday, June 6, 2008

Life in a gilded cage -- Is it worth it?

What is about fame that makes it so appealing? Ok, many celebrities acquire fame and wealth together. But how can money make up for a total loss of privacy? And do they like being commodities whose value depends on what strangers think of them? A certain number of financially-dependent sycophants seem necessary to maintain the celebrity lifestyle -- agents, hairdressers, body guards, personal assistants and more. The verbal flotsam must be stifling. What a huge burden to think that the world revolves around you, something your sycophants make sure you remember. That's hard for a well-grounded person to handle, much less a fragile, young person. Insanity seems to be a close companion to celebrity. It explains the bizarre, often self-destructive behavior exhibited by some. Ever present, telescopic camera lenses must cause unimaginable paranoia. Many celebrities have no chance to experience the natural stages of maturation before they are overwhelmed by the artificial world of glitz and glam. Having to focus on one's appearance and popularity disallows time for intelligent, constructive thought and equally important, imagination. A life without these is trivialized and wasted.

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