Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keep your dirty mind in Texas!

A rancher from Texas who also happens to be a delegate in the Texas GOP was horrified seeing nude statues all over Washington, D.C.. Visiting galleries proved to be a menacing experience for him; what with all the nudity to which the public is exposed. He even has serious issues with the statues at Memorial Bridge. He found the robust men and women depicting Valor and Sacrifice vulgar. He wrote to his elected representatives that, even though he respects free speech, the morals of a country are adversely affected by all this nudity. He said, "There are degrees of vulgarity, and it opens up the door for the other stuff." Huh? Congress has taken no action in response to his complaint, but he assures us he's "prepared for a long fight." He's planning to return to Washington to videotape the evidence of indecency in the Nation's Capital. I can't help but wonder if he's concerned about his 14 children getting ideas from viewing human bodies depicted in marble, bronze and other media. Perhaps he should leave them home on his next mission to document D.C.'s smutty art. Adam and Eve, if you accept that story, were nude. Every one of us has arrived on Earth without clothing. How can someone who espouses his belief not see the irony in it? Again, if you believe the story, God created man in His own image. How can that be vulgar? Sheesh!!

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