Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uh Oh. . . .!!

Mid-morning today, I took our car in for an oil change. Of course it ended up needing more than that. Who was I to argue about belts? Being told they were eight years old didn't seem like a problem to me; I have dresses older than that. But the guy who broke this news to me said if any of the belts broke the results would be dire. $Kaching$ and there went the rest of my day.

Whilst I waited on an incredibly uncomfortable chair outside where the air smelled considerably better than inside, a tow truck lumbered into the service area. On it's bed was a big SUV -- nice looking and not too old. Intrigued by how these trucks work, I put down my novel and watched as the driver tipped and lowered the truck bed and eased the vehicle onto the ground. He then started it up and backed it a few feet into a line for service.

Nothing extraordinary there. But when a mechanic tried to start it so he could drive it into the service bay -- nothin'. He put up the hood and diddled around and tried again. After perhaps 25 minutes of this, another guy came out, opened the gas tank cover and took a sniff. Much to everyone's astonishment, the owner had loaded the tank with diesel instead of gasoline! Serious head-shaking ensued as more guys appeared and tried to figure out how to get it into the service bay. Eventually, one of the guys got it started and it sputtered a huge cloud of surprisingly nice smelling white smoke. That was it. Brute manpower was then applied.

As a discombobulated mechanic walked past me, I just had to ask how they would fix it. He told me I didn't want to know. I then went in to my service agent to ask if the owner was a man or woman. He started making excuses right after he said it was a man. Oh, they do look out for each other! Being that it was a man, he must be "a truck driver used to going to the diesel pump" or some other lame excuse.

Now we all know that if a woman had done that, she would be the butt of jokes from here to kingdom come. Then, again, it's kinda cute to know that guys can screw-up bigtime and fellow guys will cover for them come hell or high water!

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