Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Act of Kindness in Foggy Bottom

Hit the Foggy Bottom Farmer's Market this evening and bought a spectacular, hydroponic butter leaf lettuce and a scrumptious baguette. I was glad I had limited cash because I could have gone wild buying flowers -- they were spectacular!

On my way back home the sight of huge, white peonies stopped me in my tracks. They and deep red roses gave the historic house they surrounded a welcoming glow. A charming older lady was seated on a bench in the yard, so I asked her if I could come closer to take a sniff of the peonies. We chatted briefly about flowers and their different blooming seasons where I grew up in the North and here, in the Mid-Atlantic.

When she asked if I would like some, I was dumbfounded and insisted I couldn't, but she went ahead and clipped one for me. Just smelling it took me back to years and years of fragrant peony bouquets in our house.

I don't suppose this kind lady will see my blog, but I had to show-off a gift that made my month and express my sincere thanks!


Gilahi said...

I have a fabulous photo of a deep purple peony, a number of which grow profusely in my back yard. The photo in your blog was so nice that I was hoping there was some way I could upload my photo in this comment to share it. Always nice to stop and smell the flowers.

Anthea said...

baguette from the french bakery? aren't they the best?

dcpeg said...

I'm so pleased you liked my pic,gilahi! I can imagine that yours is gorgeous - just can't go wrong with peonies!

Anthea -- yes, indeed, their baguettes are scrumptious! I just love tearing off chunks to eat as is, or with a bit of butter. Talk about heaven . . .!

SciWonk said...

I only discovered the beauty and fragrance of peonies since moving to Capitol Hill. They are indeed special.

I am glad that you shared this random act of kindness. These kinds of stories are among my favorites. Thank you.