Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hot Stock Tip

All those kids stumbling around in flip-flops are going to need serious foot therapy/repair by the time they're 30. They may look cool and in style now but there will be a price to pay -- orthotics ain't cheap. Buy stocks in podiatric suppliers. I speak from experience. I just HAD to have penny loafers when I was in the third grade. By fourth grade, I had to wear dorky, brown and white orthopedic shoes! I think that's where all these flip-flop-wearin' 20-somethings are headed. Of course stiletto heels are also to blame for feminine foot problems and those godawfull platform shoes seem to be coming back. Word of warning: if you're not careful, you can tip over and sprain an ankle -- again, speaking from experience. [No, I'm not a total klutz!] I can vividly remember my first pair of high heels -- they were about 2 inches high, purchased for my junior high graduation. During gym classes, we learned to walk and climb stairs in them. Good thing, too. After living most of our lives barefooted or in sneakers, narrow little heels tripped up more than a few of us. Historically women's shoes have been an abomination to the human foot. Chinese women were forced to bind their feet so that they would remain tiny. A more modern incarnation is those extremely pointy-toed shoes. The points must end about 4 inches beyond the toes. THIS is attractive?! Anyway, there is a hard lesson coming to a whole generation of people and it's gonna cost big bucks, pain and a lot of pride. Sorry y'all!! :-\

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