Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Dad,

Last Sunday was Mothers' Day and we spent it with Mom. Janet and her clan were all there as were Patty and Tom. They came East to watch Carolyn's crew in a regatta up in Philadelphia and drove back down to Solomons on Saturday after the races. Sunday evening Tom drove down to Williamsburg to pick up Carolyn and her stuff then they drove back to Illinois. Patty stayed with Mom until Tuesday. You KNOW how much they enjoyed each other's company! Dad, I still find myself weeping and wishing that you were still here. I know you would poo-poo that, but I did get my sentimental gene from you! I'm OK though. You pop into my mind, sometimes at odd moments, but usually when I'm experiencing something good I wish I could share with you. You would be so proud of Zach joining his high school's sailing club. You had a lot to do with developing his love of sailing and he's quickly becoming an excellent skipper. He's building a nice tan and muscle, too. He was already a handsome young man -- now he's becoming a real hunk! Mom was able to arrange a spot on the dingy rack so Zach can sail your dingy on the river whenever he has the time. As you can imagine, he's really eager to get out there! Alex remains his exuberant self. Much to my surprise and delight, on Sunday he gave me a hug without me having to ask for it or steal one from him! He is such a blessing. I can't help but remember the very rough start in life he had. It was so scary for a while, but I swear Janet willed him to stay alive and thrive. The doctors at Children's did their part, but it was all those prayers coming from everywhere that bolstered Janet and Bill. Zach is a marvelous big brother and hasn't subjected his little brother to the kind of harassment that my own, big brother did to me. You must have dreaded coming home to children who'd been told -- Just wait until your father gets homes! I just remembered that crazy TV commercial that had you and me into stitches. Don't even remember what it was advertising, but it had a crazily long golf club, outrageously short fishing rod and more. Hearing us, Mom came in from the kitchen to see what was so funny and neither one of us could talk, we were laughing so hard. It was one of those goofy funny-bone-moments. Can you tell I miss you, Paw? Mom does, too. She seems to be doing a little better as time goes by and she keeps busy with her volunteer work and P.E.O. You know your kids are there for her always and in all ways, so try not to worry. I miss you, Big Daddy! You'll always be in my heart and mind. May God continue to bless you . . . Luvya! your "Little Girl"

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