Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today was a mental health day. . .

. . . and our 25th wedding anniversary; not that the two things have anything in common, mind you. Spouse and I are just not into celebrating as others might. We don't buy into the smarmy must be romantic and by her/him gifts out the wazzoo bit. We just count ourselves lucky for lasting this long together without maiming or killing each other!

Anyway, back to the mental health part of the day. Wednesday used to be the day my buddy Thelma and I got together, so I decided a new routine or no routine was necessary now that she's gone.
Spontaneity is a trait I treasure and enjoy springing on unsuspecting friends/spouse. I lost some of it when I got married and had to consider the feelings and wishes of someone in addition to myself. Still, my spontaneity gene sometimes will not be ignored as it let me know today.

I keep a kite tucked in the trunk of our car. After picking up some things we needed from the drugstore, I took off for Hains Point. I hardly had time to install the cross brace when up she went. String kept unwinding and unwinding til I thought I might run out! It's glorious to see and feel the power of the wind in my hands. Troops of serious bikers, runners and joggers of every description circled the Point and, maybe, enjoyed a happy memory from childhood.

As luck would have it, I had my camera with me. Hope you enjoy a few ephemeral reminders of nature.
Even George Mason seemed to be reveling in this glorious, early Spring day.


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