Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, no!!

Now I know, without a doubt, that I'm officially over the hill . . . While applying mascara this morning, I noticed what appeared to be a "bald spot" amongst the lashes on my left eye. I've had a 50/50 gray head hair thing going on for a while, but I never thought about my eyelashes turning gray. Magnifying mirrors don't lie. There were three and a half stark white eyelashes staring back at me! Eyebrows are no problem and I've managed to keep up with the stray grays. On the other hand, sties are ugly and hurt, so no eyelash plucking. Being the eternal optimist, there may be an upside to this new development. I never have enjoyed long, lush, up-curved lashes. The gray hairs on my head have a bit of a curl to them (OK, they're wiry), so maybe . . . nah, couldn't be that lucky! Has anyone come up with a mascara for eyebrows? I'd like to avoid becoming one of those ladies with pencilled-on eyebrows. Whoopie Goldberg's eyebrow-less look works for her, but I can't see it on me.


Nan said...

Take deep cleansing's going to be ok. :-D

dcpeg said...

Easy for YOU to say!!